Richard's 40th Artwork at the Royal Academy of Arts' Summer Exhibition

It is with great joy we learnt that Richard's drypoint and watercolour, The Showmen has been selected for the 251st Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

This is Richard's 40th artwork to have been accepted into the world's oldest, largest and most prestigious Open Exhibition - having been held annually, without fail, since 1768. 

Inspired by David Attenborough’s selection of the planet’s most amazing creatures, Richard drew these Marvellous Spatuletails (Loddigesia mirabilis) brandishing their spatules, directly into copper plate and handprinted the edition at his studio. These high-energy Peruvian showmen and are some of the most endangered of hummingbirds, only found in one valley in northern Peru. Each original print was then meticulously hand painted with twelve individual applications of watercolour, built up in washes, blends and details.

The Showmen (catalogue no.797), is located in Gallery V of the Royal Academy of Arts' 2019 Summer Exhibition. Open to the public: June 10th to August 12th 2019.